Company formation is the term for the process of incorporation of a business. It is also sometimes referred to as company registration. When starting a company in India, local and foreign investors can register several types of business forms. Regardless of the legal entity that was selected for incorporation, the registration procedure follows the same steps prescribed under the legislation for commercial companies.


As a general rule, the majority of the Indian companies are registered as private limited companies, this being the most common way to start a business here. Our team of specialists in company formation in India can offer in-depth assistance on the registration of a legal entity and can offer advice on the regulations applicable in this sense.

All companies operating in India are required to register with the Registrar of Companies (RoC), a department working under the supervision of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. In order to open a company in India, the investors will need to follow specific incorporation steps, once they have chosen a business form suitable for their investment plans in this country, such as:

  • Select a trading name for the company, which has to be unique at the level of the entire Indian territory.
  • Prepare the application for registration of the business name, which should include minimum four proposed trading names and maximum six.
  • Once the company’s statutory documents are prepared, they need to be filed with the RoC.
  • Register for social security, once the company concluded the first employment contract.